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What's the sitch?

Doing health differently will forever change you. No, really.

There’s a part of you that is ready for change, ready to up-level your health, and ready to live life like you mean it. And, if you stick around you’ll find out just how possible that is.

Read on…


Round peg. Square whole. You are the round peg (no offense) and the health care system is the square whole. You just don’t fit. Or rather, the health system as we know it doesn’t fit YOU.

YOU are mighty fine the way you are.

You just haven’t been taught or exposed to a better way of health… (let’s call it healing-care instead of health care). And, you’ve been sold by people who stand to benefit (greatly) on a system that is broken (and just getting worse).

What’s here for you?

So, what I offer you here is the insider’s version to healing care– the latex-free gloves are off and I want you to be informed. Knowledge is more than power, it’s your health and YOUR LIFE depends on it.

I’m also offering you an alternative. I’ve created a healing-care collective (with professional healers that aren’t interested in a pill and a bill any more than you are) and a host of other healing-care treasures including FREE downloadable resources and recipes.

In a nut-shell, this site is more than just a new twist on health care; it’s a no-nonsense, cut the bull, straight-talking overhaul of health care that leaves just the best and the brightest practical steps and sustainable solutions to your best health yet.

Are you ready to leap?



If it’s broke, FIX IT. Together, we can.

  • You’re here because you’re done with the old ways, the band-aide approach to health care that just isn’t cutting it.
  • You’re here because you can’t pretend any longer that things as they are are working.
  • You’re here because you want more from your life; more energy, more happiness, and more love in your life.
  • You’re here because you want to be informed about your options for healing and get connected with healing professionals who truly care.
  • You’re here because you prioritize the long-term – laughter, love, and care-free time with loved ones as you gracefully age – over short-term quick fixes.
  • You’re here because you want to be in the driver’s seat of your own healing journey and are not satisfied with a paternalistic system of health care.
  • You’re here because you are ready to take control, take action, and take a leap towards your best health yet.

Join our family

Here, you are never alone. This site is a home, really. I hope you have time to take your shoes off and get comfortable. Grab a cup of herbal tea and let’s get to know each other.

Why don’t I go first…

Who am I?

My name is Kyle. And, yes, I’m a woman. My parents must’ve known I’d be unconventional.

Kyle Anne Willets is my full name. I’m married to Tal Gur. I decided not to take his last name partly because I’d be Kyle Anne Gur. Say it out loud; you’ll see what I mean.

I use the title Dr. Kyle Anne Willets because I’ve earned my doctorate in physical therapy. Thus, I am a doctor of my profession. No, I’m not a medical doctor but even if I was I think I’d still be on this same path.

It’s my calling.

See, by the time I took my boards to start practicing, I’d already seen the cracks and gaping wholes of the health care system. I had seen them both as a neophyte learning the ropes during internships as well as a patient from the inside looking out.

So, when I hit the hospital floors of my first job I already felt disillusioned. I knew there must be a better way.

And, so it was that I decided to dramatically change how I practice healing work and how and where I seek it.

8 years later and I’ve become an integrative health practitioner providing what I consider to be the best of physical therapy in combination with the Eastern medicine practices of Ayurveda and yoga.

I love what I do and I’m fortunate to be good at it, but don’t just take my word for it. What’s being said.

How’d I get here and why I know a thing or two…

Summer of 2006 I got my wake-up call. I was full tilt to finish my doctorate in physical therapy when my body started to shut down. I could feel my energy (my prana) draining from me just as I needed it the most. When western medicine had no answers, I set out on a healing journey to build my prana back…my life back. Over 7 years later I’ve created a life I love, an abundance of prana and a heck of a lot of wellness wisdom.

What I discovered transformed my life deeply … now it can help YOU. My experience has impacted hundreds of people looking to transform their lives. Even Kris Carr found my recipes delicious!

Through my personal health revolution I sought out Ayurveda and Yoga as ways to over-haul my health and kick-start my processed-free life.

I’m passionate about sharing this holistic healing knowledge and giving back to those that want to re-route onto the health highway.

What people are saying:


I just wanted to share that this is my fourth day of the cleanse and I feel great and not hungry at all. This is such a miracle! I love the yummy soup and tea and have not had any cravings! I feel light and clean and lost almost 3 lbs in 3 days. I have a long way to go but I look forward to using your receipes and reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing this and I in turn have been sharing.

Paulla | The 4 Day Home Detox Client, (read more)

My goal is to help you energize your life and amp-up your wellness with daily and seasonal practices that produce sustainable results.

In other words, I strive to help you feel fabulous.

The fabulous I’m referring to extends far beyond the gorgeous glow and toned-up belly that Ayurveda and Yoga are known to deliver.

Fabulous means liberating your spiritual side, nourishing your health and happiness, and up-leveling your health so you can live out all of your dreams.

I believe if you want to thrive in today’s fast-paced world you must put your health and wellness first. Starting with your well-being will help you be successful in whatever dreams you may have.

I also believe that combining the best of Western Medicine with the leading practices from the East we can revolutionize health care.

Yoga and Ayurveda are two of the most highly potent, life-changing practices in the world. And everyone — from children to adults, healthy people to those that are imbalanced and unwell — can immensely benefit from them.

I’m known to offer some of the most high quality and cutting-edge wellness and nutrition advice in the market.

That’s because I genuinely care about you and not only pledge to help you reach your goals, but to make your wellness transformation downright fun.

Whenever I create a new product, training or dream up a new recipe that I just know you’ll love, my newsletter subscribers are the first to know.


So Make Sure You’re a Subscriber – it’s FREE!

Of course, I’m no sage from the Himalayas. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers either.

But I am dedicated to sharing with you the very best of what I am cooking up, living, and learning and to keeping it honest and chock-full of love as I go.

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Professional Bio

Kyle is the founder of where her unique blend of Western and many other medicines helps people recover their energy and up-level their health. She received her graduate and doctoral degrees in physical therapy from Ithaca College in New York. While practicing Western Medicine, she became increasingly more aware of both the strengths and short-comings of her training. She studied Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Sundar Raman in Tamil Nadu, India as well as yoga, nutrition, relaxation therapies, and meditation before founding in 2011.

Through, Kyle is excited to teach clients how to cater their diets & lifestyles to their unique body type and, in doing so, help them thrive in their lives and prevent future disease.

Over the last couple of years, Kyle has been traveling and cooking in kitchens along the way in such places as Australia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Israel, and most recently, The Dominican Republic. She now lives in Newport, Rhode Island with her husband Tal and a thriving herb garden.



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle recently. She is very kind-hearted and nurturing and easy to talk to. I’ve struggled with insomnia for over 10 years and visited many doctors who prescribed various medications. Working with Kyle was a breath of fresh air! She was very professional and knowledgeable. At the same time, she truly cares for her clients. Kyle helped me develop strategies to improve my overall health. I’ve noticed vast improvements in my nutritional habits and more importantly – tremendous improvements in my sleep. My whole being feels revived! I honestly believe that Kyle has a gift and as cliche as it may sound, I honestly can say that working with Kyle has changed my life. I am eternally grateful.

Lauren Varga, Teacher| Health Coaching Client

Nate Grage

Dr. Kyle is a very good practitioner of ayurveda and physical therapy. Not only is she a good practitioner, she also brings a human warmness and kindness that normally accompanies someone who is doing something from a position of love and self-fulfillment. She has a strong enthusiasm for her work, but tempers that with a calmness of mind and demeanor. Keeping to her ayurvedic training, she takes a holistic approach to helping her clients and goes the extra distance to help them find healing. I came to her with a neck problem and she offered me exercises and diet advice. I’m feeling better already. If you have struggled with a physical problem that conventional medicine may not help, you should consult with Dr. Kyle. She will get you back on the road to wellness and balance in no time.

Nate Grage, Hypnotist| Health Coaching Client


I loved the 4DHD! What I really liked was getting some detox/reset benefits without having to “starve” myself. I was never hungry and never craved other food. I felt a big boost in energy and clarity during and after the 4-Day Home Detox. It was super easy to integrate into my life and the Kitchari dish was delicious. The eBook felt very comprehensive with an overall tone that felt calm, simple, and clear. I liked how it had some theory and philosophy mixed with food, tea, breathing, sleep and exercise. Thanks Kyle for showing me how fasting and elimination diets aren’t the only way to detox. You also taught me a few fun new cooking skills!

Chris Badgett | The 4 Day Home Detox Client


I was lucky enough to receive personalized, one on one yoga instruction from Kyle in 2009. I met with her weekly, and it was honestly the most relaxing hour of my week. Kyle has an incredibly calming nature about her, and the minute I walked in to our sessions, I relaxed. Her soothing voice and gentle instructions made learning yoga challenging yet still comfortable. Kyle has been practicing for years, and that is apparent from her wealth of knowledge and ability to easily adapt classes. I was sad to move back to Boston, and therefore away from Kyle’s weekly sessions, but it was simply the start of my own yoga practice. Now that I am pregnant, I have continued practicing prenatal yoga weekly, and I know that I have come this far thanks to Kyle’s patience and guidance. I would recommend her classes to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity!

Kate Schmid | One-on-One Yoga Client


Through a series of questions Kyle determined my dosha and then explained to me what it meant. It made sense to me, and also surprised me. It felt good to look at myself like that. I’m not the most skeptical person in the world, but I’m also not one to follow every trend that comes around. With Kyle questioning me (and then explaining and letting me question her about the topic) I felt like I was under a nice, warm blanket – she helped me feel open to looking at things in a different way. She has a way about her – you can tell she’s really listening, you just can. I bought one of the Ayurvedic cookbooks right away, and I began to look at my relationship to food very differently. It helps, it does!

Amanda Blevins | Ayurvedic Coaching Client


I wish to thank Kyle Willets for helping me finally get on board with Ayurveda. I had heard about Ayruvedic medicine over the course of many years but always felt overwhelmed by the words and the concepts. Recently I thought I would try again but got stuck and very frustrated just trying to figure out my dosha. Kyle was helpful from the very first time I contacted her. She directed me first to resources that would provide a general understanding of Ayurvedics. This gave me a much deeper appreciation of the consultation, from which I gained valuable information and unearthed nuggets of truth. Kyle patiently went through an extensive list of questions, listening carefully to my long and (I’m sure) sometimes confusing answers, probing for more answers when she needed. Even via Skype I felt that Kyle was supportive, caring and non-judgmental. The consultation resulted not only in determining my dosha and where I could begin to heal with Ayurveda but gave me a great deal of startling insight into my own lifestyle, how I contribute to my own imbalances and, more importantly, how to correct for them. After an hour and a half of talking with Kyle, I feel as though I am not just following another set of ‘get-skinny rules’ but am on the real road to real healing and true health.

Theresa Burns | Ayurvedic Coaching Client


I just wanted to share that this is my fourth day of the cleanse and I feel great and not hungry at all. This is such a miracle! I love the yummy soup and tea and have not had any cravings! I feel light and clean and lost almost 3 lbs in 3 days. I have a long way to go but I look forward to using your receipes and reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing this and I in turn have been sharing.

Paulla | The 4 Day Home Detox Client

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