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Kapha Recipes

to warm & revitalize
Kale Chips

Who doesn’t like tasty fats and satisfying salts? But consider the price you pay for most chips… a moment on the lips, forever on the hips (and in your arteries). One handful of potato chips is about 100... Read On

Sprouted Quinoa Raw Salad

Spring-time in New England signifies new beginnings as green shoots of life spring up from the earth, songs of happy birds return, and fresh new routines emerge in response to longer, warmer days. To accompany this... Read On

Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza with Pizzazz

Do you ever just crave for a slice of pizza that is full of taste and flavor yet actually healthy for you? Pizza is normally one of the least Kapha-friendly foods as it is both heavy and oily. The only thing worse for... Read On


Back home in Connecticut it’s asparagus season now. Spring has arrived and with it spears of this delicious green veggy are shooting up out of the earth. When you can get your hands on locally grown asparagus... Read On

Red Lentil Soup For Every-Body

This tasty lentil soup emerged from basic ingredients and commonly used spices that I had on hand for an impromptu dinner party the other night. As you might imagine, not everyone present had the same body type, or... Read On

Kitchari with a Lentil Medley

The first time I had Kitchari was in India at the Ayurveda Retreat Center in Tamil Nadu. While I wasn’t doing a fast or Pancha Karma detox, I was offered, and delightfully accepted, the chance to try this highly... Read On

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