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Pitta Recipes

to cool & refresh
Festive Green Bean Salad

This is a quick and easy green bean salad that features some crunchy fun toppings and a decadent creamy coconut sauce. I’ve enjoyed making different renditions of it through the holidays including swapping the... Read On

Coconut and Roasted Fennel Soup

Smooth and tasty, this creamy delicious soup is both hardy and sweet. Made with fennel, carrots, and leek plus warming spices and satisfying coconut milk it is half soup/half dessert by the time you top it with a... Read On

Sweet Potato Chips

Crunch. Crunch. Munch. Munch. There was an interesting segment a while back on NPR (National Public Radio) about why humans crave crunchy foods. The theory dates back to millions of years ago when primates ate crunchy... Read On

The Perfect Summer Fresh Roll

Summer’s nearly swept me off my feet this year. We’re living in a third floor apartment in Newport, RI (gorgeous place, by the way) and my petite kitchen tucked into the eaves is just a perfect oven in and... Read On

Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Here’s a last minute brussels sprouts recipe that may be just the perfect new side dish to add in to your traditional Thanksgiving spread. I tried it out last week and it’s the kind of veggie dish that is... Read On

Ginger Tofu and Veggies En Pappilote

Best laid plans and all this post was due a few weeks ago. Alas, here it is…finally. Following a 24-hour flight home from Australia, a hurricane, an election, and now a Nor’ Easter I’ve arrived to the... Read On

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