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Pitta Recipes

to cool & refresh

Back home in Connecticut it’s asparagus season now. Spring has arrived and with it spears of this delicious green veggy are shooting up out of the earth. When you can get your hands on locally grown asparagus... Read On

Thirst-Quenching Sun Tea

What do you get when you submerge a refreshing blend of cooling herbs into a jug of water and allow it to soak up the heat of the sun? Sun Tea! I first made sun tea in college using lemons, mint, and lipton ice tea... Read On

Red Lentil Soup For Every-Body

This tasty lentil soup emerged from basic ingredients and commonly used spices that I had on hand for an impromptu dinner party the other night. As you might imagine, not everyone present had the same body type, or... Read On

Incan Power Salad with Quinoa and Toasted Sunflower Seeds

As the sun set over the Bolivian altiplano, our train sped full speed through fields upon fields of glowing crops of quinoa. Below are two photos I snapped through the train window of the immense quinoa fields and the... Read On

Citrus Sweet Potato with Saffron and Cinnamon

This recipe developed, as they often do, by my strong hankering for a certain taste and texture. This blend of spices, sweet and savory tastes, combined with the creaminess of the coconut and sweet potato makes a bite... Read On

Pita with Sunflower Seed Pâté

A Sunflower Seed Pâté for Pitta Sunflower seeds are one of the few cooling seeds and are, therefore, an exciting option for Pitta-types looking to enjoy a seed-based delight. I imagine this pita spread would work... Read On

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