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Change of Season Detox: Fall
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Change of Season Detox: Fall

Change is coming. Can you feel it?

I know I sure can. Here in Australia the buds on the trees are blossoming as spring swings into full effect.

And, for those of you back home (in the US of A) I imagine that the leaves are just beginning to change color, cooler nights are bringing out the light sweaters, and the thick daytime humidity has given way to soft, cool breezes all symbolizing the start of fall.

Slowly and steadily, no matter where we are on the globe, nature is showing signs of unfolding from one season to the next.

Fall is a natural time of transition and an ideal opportunity for a gentle detox to reset your whole system and ready the mind and body for a winter of wellness. It’s also a great time to shed unhealthy food addictions and feel lighter and more energetic.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling the need to hit the “reset” button after a few months of summer indulgence. Or, you’ve been feeling achy, stiff, or sluggish and just want to jump start your body back into action.

There is no better time than the change of season to give your body a game-changing, yet loving tune up. Ayurveda, the time-honored science of healthy living, recommends detoxing to flush out the excess heat of the sticky hot summer and to clear the body of any toxins that may have built up and stagnated during this time.

And, since nature provides a naturally alkaline late summer harvest and alkalinity supports natural cleansing it’s another bonus point for detoxing in the fall.

If you haven’t already downloaded my 4-Day Home Detox it’s a good time to check it out. Inside you will learn everything you need to know to complete a gentle self-guided home detox that is both practical and transformational.

The 4-Day Home Detox is Perfect for You if you….

•   are ready to feel lighter, more energized, and increase your mental clarity.

•   want to boost your immunity and avoid frequent colds.

•  are self-directed and can follow a detox plan on your own.

•   are committed to prioritizing your health and wellness, at least for 4 days.

•  need a cleansing program that can work with your busy schedule.

To get instant access and download the “4-Day Home Detox” for free, enter your name & email address in the box below and you’ll be emailed download instructions. Or, click here for more information.

Once you subscribed and downloaded the eBook you’ll have access to the steps on how to successfully self-run your own change of season home detox from start to finish.

If you have any questions about your energizing cleanse shoot me a little message or share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m quite excited to embark on this new season feeling fresh and renewed. Join me & get ready to enjoy the bountiful energy and resilient health you crave.

Peace + prana,

PS. Feel like you want some extra guidance with your detox or want to see what else Ayurveda can offer you? Contact me to find out more.

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