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Ghee is a staple in my Ayurvedic pantry. I love its rich nutty flavor and find it works well with both savory dishes like Bulgur Wheat Burgers and sweet dishes such as Quinoa Porridge.

Ghee is often confused with clarified butter but there is actually an important difference; in ghee the milk solids are caramelized first before they are filtered out. This extra step gives ghee its unique golden translucence and nutty, delicious aroma.

Another bonus that earns Ghee the sweet spot location next to my stove is that it can be safely stored at room temperature. It is also safe to cook it at high heat as it has a high smoke temperature. Holy smokes, it’s versatile!

Ghee is starting to find its place in the ethnic food aisles of many grocery stores, but I still prefer to make it at home– you can choose the quality of butter you use, it’s cheaper, and it tastes better!

One pound of organic unsalted butter

1. Melt the butter in a medium-sized sauce pan and bring it to a low boil over med-high heat. Allow the butter to simmer on medium heat.

As it boils white froth will start to accumulate on the top.

2. After about 15 minutes the bubbling grows quiet and you will notice that the sediment at the bottom of the pan is a golden brown and the liquid under the froth is an amber color. The aroma is that of freshly baked croissants. These signs indicate that the moisture has evaporated and it’s time to turn off the heat (or else risk burning your ghee).

3. Once the ghee has cooled down a bit, filter the ghee through a sieve to separate it from the solids.

At room temperature amber-colored ghee will be solid and will quickly melt when re-heated.

Note: Ghee has a long shelf life and is said to only get better with age.
Dosha: Good for all doshas, kapha in moderation

Yield: 1 1/2 cups ghee
Prep Time: 1 minute – Cook Time: 20 minutes

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  1. I love learning about Ayurveda it makes so much sense and I have no idea why I never knew about it befroe! I have a question I fasted for the first time the other day and it was not hard at all but now I feel like I am craving food more because I fasted. I know it is probably just because I am thinking that but how do you recommend going from eating 3 meals a day to 2? I eat pretty healthy, but i do have my treats, I would like to eat less. Basically, what is the best way to get started to eat the ayurvedic way?thank you so much I absolutely love learning about this and you are an inspiration!

    • Thanks Emirhan!

      Three meals instead of two is recommended in certain cases and depending on your mind-body type. Contact me to discuss your specific needs. The best way to start eating Ayurvedically is to know your mind-body type – then you can use my Ayurvedic Food Chart and Ayurvedic recipes to keep your body healthy and thriving!


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