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I’ve struggled with insomnia for over 10 years and visited many doctors who prescribed various medications. Kyle helped me develop strategies to improve my overall health. I’ve noticed vast improvements in my nutritional habits and, more importantly, tremendous improvements in my sleep. My whole being feels revived! Kyle has a gift and as cliche as it may sound, I honestly can say that working with her has changed my life. I am eternally grateful.

Lauren Varga | Health Coaching Client


Nate Grage

Dr. Kyle brings a warmness and kindness that accompanies someone doing something from a place of love and self-fulfillment. She has a strong enthusiasm for her work, but tempers that with a calmness of mind and demeanor. I came to her with a neck problem and she offered me exercises and diet advice. I’m feeling better already.

Nate Grage | Health Coaching Client


I loved the 4DHD! What I really liked was getting some detox/reset benefits without having to “starve” myself. I was never hungry and never craved other food. I felt a big boost in energy and clarity during and after the 4-Day Home Detox. It was super easy to integrate into my life and the Kitchari dish was delicious.

Chris Badgett | The 4 Day Home Detox Client


Kyle has an incredibly calming nature about her, and the minute I walked in to our sessions, I relaxed. Her soothing voice and gentle instructions made learning yoga challenging yet still comfortable. Kyle has been practicing for years, and that is apparent from her wealth of knowledge and ability to easily adapt classes. I would recommend her classes to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity!

Kate Schmid | One-to-One Yoga Client

AlbertKyle helped me feel open to looking at things in a different way. She has a warm way about her – you can tell she really cares. With her guidance I began to look at my relationship to food very differently.

Amanda Blevins | Ayurvedic Coaching Client


The consultation gave me a great deal of startling insight into my own lifestyle, how I contribute to my own imbalances and, more importantly, how to correct for them. After an hour and a half of talking with Kyle, I feel as though I am not just following another set of ‘get-skinny rules’ but am on the real road to real healing and true health.

Theresa Burns | Ayurvedic Coaching Client


This is my fourth day of the cleanse and I feel great and not hungry at all. This is such a miracle! I love the yummy soup and tea and have not had any cravings! I feel light and clean and lost almost 3 lbs in 3 days.

Paulla | The 4 Day Home Detox Client

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