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Yoga Poses in Paradise

A year ago I visited Australia and went to the famous Whitsunday Islands. Renowned for their beauty and pristine white sand, the island’s beaches are astonishingly spacious and not touristy at all. We were able to find our own “private” little beach that felt to me like the perfect place to enjoy some sun salutations.

Yoga on the beach brings the sounds of the ocean, the smells of the sea and the sun shining prana directly onto your practice.

Bringing your practice to the beach is easy! Just grab a towel and some fresh water and you’re ready to go. A yoga mat is optional though I recommend trying your asanas directly on the sand. It’s more fun and you get the full effect of the experience. And if it does get a little too sandy that’s just a great excuse for a “water break”.

Your yoga on the beach experience is sure to offer new perspectives from looking at a wave upside down in Wide-Legged Forward Bend to feeling like a beginner all over again with Tree Pose in the soft sand. The meditative sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the seashore are bound to deepen your experience. Try balance poses on the soft sand gazing off to the horizon and watch as a simple pose has a new level of challenge. Or, experiment with Shavassana by positioning yourself so that your toes are at the water’s edge.

The best part about yoga on the beach is the elements of unknown. Unlike the studio setting, the forces of nature are present to challenge your poses on the physical and mental level. For me, the best part of practicing yoga on the beach is the immense feeling of being alive that comes with being surrounded by inspirational natural beauty.

Warrior Two

Triangle Pose

Half Moon

Tree Pose

Swan Pose

Warrior One

Crescent Toed Warrior

Chair Pose

Chair Pose Twist

Standing Forward Fold


Half Way Lift

Downward Facing Dog

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Goddess Pose

Eagle Pose

Extended Hand To Toe

Extended Hand To Toe with Mudra

Warrior 3

Upward Facing Dog

Bow Pose

Child's Pose

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